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Welcome to Tea Tours

The Tea Tours is a partnership firm engaged in hospitality business tying up with major plantation companies. We have business relations with tea/rubber plantations in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. We have a well established tourism based hospitality relations in Wayanad.

Elegant, exclusive and in its essence a state of mind, Wayanad, is a largely mountainous district in northern Kerala, a state in the south of India. Situated beneath an enormous canopy of a lush tropical rainforest, its a journey into nature's wonderland -in the company of amphibians, birds, fish, mammals, reptiles, flowering plants and butterflies that inhabit the dense rainforest. The tourists will be seduced by the promise of discovery, bliss and exaltation - body, mind and soul.

All rooms are furnished with antique furniture which undergo timely caring & required renovations. Most of the furniture were made during the early 1930s by the Europeans and are of rosewood which has unimaginable values!!!. Perhaps the British never thought of a retirement to their home towns so early!

If you are a painter; you can copy unbelievable and supernatural beauty from the nature's canvas.

If you are a writer; we are definite that the cool peaceful shades of the trees along with the aromatic breeze will take you to the world of imagination.

If you are searching for a whole relaxing and peaceful holidays, the calm, lulling atmosphere will take you into a trance.

A well experienced team having 30 years of experience in hospitality management is managing the firm. Feel free to contact our General Manager for any querry, Phone No. 9446003960.


Located by the side of Ootty-Kozhikode(Calicut) national highway amidst tea plantation and lush old green trees. Church, Mosque & Temple are located within the parameter of walking distances!