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The Heritage Bungalow

This bungalow is estimated to be built in 1932 by the then Manager of the Estate. This company was initially founded by English & Scottish Co operative Society during 1910 started with Gold Mining and then planted with Coffee .During 1930 all major areas were converted to Tea. It Was a herculean task for the British Entrepreneurs who ventured in to this hilly terrain but due to their vision and hard work of the Employees made the venture a success.

We express our gratitude and prayers to each who lived here in Plantation and our tributes them. Each plant has a story . The struggle of human who engaged in plantation for their livelihood is beyond explanation. Let their soul rest in peace.

This estate comprises of three divisions viz. Ripon Division, Nellimunda Division and Audathode Division has a total extent of 1452 Ha. From the founder Company ,M/s. English & Scottish Co Operative society Ltd;it came into the Present M/s.Poddar Plantations, a Division Of Ripon Estates Ltd; was during the year 1972.